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Ken Wert

Ken is the founder of M2bH (Meant to Be Happy). He is dedicated to inspiring you to live with purpose, act with character, think with clarity and grow with courage.

He is a devoted husband and father and for the last 10 years has been working as a high school teacher helping to shape the lives and futures of his students. For 10 years prior to becoming a teacher, Ken worked as a Residential Counselor in a group home for kids who had been removed from their homes by the state for abuse. Ken has a huge, loving heart and he deeply cares about other people.

Ken has been a student of human potential and happiness for several decades and he shares his knowledge and insight on his blog, Meant to Be Happy. It is his goal to provide you with the essential ideas, traits and tools needed in your life-long quest for a happier life.

Ken is also an exceptional writer and recently came received top honors as the winner of “The Best Personal Development Blog of 2011.”

Visit Ken’s blog Meant to Be Happy and find out why.

You can also find Ken on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

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